Network slicing management & prioritization in 5G mobile systems

IEEE Access
Author: M. Jiang (IEEE), M. Condoluci (IEEE), T. Mahmoodi (IEEE)
5G mobile network is expected to serve flexible requirements hence dynamically allocate network resources according to the demands. Network slicing, where network resources are packaged and assigned in an isolated manner to set of users according to their specific requirements, is considered as a key paradigm to fulfil diversity of requirements. There will clearly be conflicting demands in allocation of such slices, and the effective provisioning of network slicing poses several challenges. Indeed, network slicing has a twofold impact in terms of user/traffic prioritization as it dictates for the simultaneous management of the priority among different slices (i.e., interslice) and the priority among the users belonging to the same slice (i.e., intra-slice). In this paper, we propose a novel heuristicbased admission control mechanism able to dynamically allocate network resources to different slices in order to maximize the satisfaction of the users while guaranteeing to meet the requirements of the slices they belong to.