DigiVzornik.si 2023 Awards Ceremony: Internet Institute receives the prize

Dec 20, 2023 | News

In the Casino Hall of SNG Maribor, the DigiVzornik.si 2023 title was bestowed upon ten institutions for their exceptional contributions to Slovenia’s digital transformation of society and economy. This marked the inaugural presentation of the Ministry of Digital Transformation awards, aimed at inspiring future innovations in digitization while acknowledging and appreciating outstanding contributions. During her opening address, Minister for Digital Transformation Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh highlighted both the negative and positive aspects of the digital world, emphasizing the ease, efficiency, and connectivity modern digital technologies bring to our lives.

Minister Stojmenova Duh elaborated on the strategic importance of the awarded projects, aligning them with the overarching Digital Slovenia 2030 strategy. These initiatives, spanning infrastructure development, education programs, inclusion efforts, and enhanced public services, reflect core values such as solidarity, empathy, creativity, collaboration, and social responsibility.

The expert committee, chaired by Mojca Štruc and consisting of Mojca Jarc, Špela Kern, Tjaša Sobočan, Tadej Gabrijel, and Marjan Kavčič, unanimously selected the award recipients.

Among the awarded organisations, 5G-LOGINNOV partner and Living Lab lead – INTERNET INSTITUTE – received the prize for their private 5G system, a cutting-edge mobile solution developed with European research and innovation funds, showcasing exceptional improvement in processes and current challenge resolution. The Prize was received by Janez Sterle, CEO and founder of the Internet Institute Ltd.

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