Innovative Business Models in Ports’ Logistics

46th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)
Since the global request for freight transportation is increasing as a consequence of the increasing requirements of the modern economy, logistics processes need to be optimized through the application of innovative technologies, to ensure a high level of quality, flexibility, and effectiveness in logistics operations. The adoption of innovative technologies allows the creation and development of new products and services, able to optimize the existing logistics processes and create value. In particular, one of the most promising technology for logistics applications is the 5G communication network that allows, together with companion technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and the Cloud, the collection, integration, and sharing of a large amount of data from different sources. However, to ensure the market adoption of innovative products and services, the different actors and stakeholders of the logistics chain must be involved from the early stages of the development. This allows them to keep into account their actual needs in the development process of the business models and for the future exploitation of the solutions. This paper analyzes the process of development of collaborative business models in the context of 5G-LOGINNOV, a project aimed at the development of 5G-based solutions to optimize the logistics operations in ports and retro-ports. Authors: Stefano Musso, ICOOR CARS@PoliTO. Guido Perboli, ICOOR CARS@PoliTO. Michela Apruzzese, ICOOR UNIMORE. Giulia Renzi, ICOOR UNIMORE. Natalia Selini Hadjidimitriou, ICOOR UNIMORE.