Analytic Hierarchic Process in the 5G-LOGINNOV project

14th ITS European Congress
Author: Giulia Renzi, Selini Hadjidimitriou, Andrea Porelli
The Analytic Hierarchic Process (AHP) is a type of analysis that allows finding, given a certain objective, the best option considering different criteria (Saaty T.L., 1990). However, it is not always possible to collect proper data for AHP: it is often only conceivable to use data collected for other purposes. Using the available data through a new methodology, this paper identifies the 5G services proposed in the 5G creating opportunities for LOGistics supply chain INNOVation (5G-LOGINNOV) project that are important for the competitiveness of the port, answering to the following research question: which use case proposed in the 5G-LOGINNOV project best meets the real needs of the ports? The AHP proposed in this paper can be re-used in European projects to rank the use cases, understanding which are more in line with the defined objectives. Moreover, this AHP helps to reduce. the number of criteria by considering the stakeholders' knowledge.