Join 5G-LOGINNOV, FUDGE-5G and Affordable 5G workshop on 16 June

May 12, 2022 | Events, News

5G-LOGINNOV project, together with FUDGE-5G and Affordable 5G organised a joint online workshop on 16 June from 13:00 to 15:15 CEST.

The combined event “Accelerating 5G Innovation in Europe. Challenges and Opportunities for Private Networks focusing on CAD, Transport & Logistics, Smart City, Manufacturing” addressed technology-specific topics and discussed in detail the implementation of 5G technologies to contribute to the debate about the advancement in the adoption of 5G technologies in several sectors. 5G-LOGINNOV, FUDGE-5G and Affordable 5G projects matured their 5G expertises in relation to the optimisation of traffic operations at ports and logistics, the delivery of a solution covering the needs of private and enterprise networks and the definition of a 5G architecture for private networks allowing interoperability and customization for industry verticals.

You can find the recording of the online workshop by clicking here.