Deliverable D4.1: Plan for boosting marketplace and emergence of new actors


Date Published: 20220119

The purpose of the present deliverable is to provide the baseline information to implement the 5G-LOGINNOV activities to boost market possibilities and involve new actors and start-ups in the project process. Thus, the document reports the main findings from the Task 4.1 “Strategy supporting next generation logistics operations”, mainly by analysing and assessing: - The state-of-the-art of relevant past and current applications and ongoing projects (chapter 2). - The level of knowledge of innovative technologies of the 5G-LOGINNOV living lab stakeholders (chapter 3). As a result, this document highlights the stakeholders’ needs, gains and pains, and interactions needed to enhance the uptake of 5G-enabled core technologies and of other linked innovations. Based on these results and on parallel 5G-LOGINNOV activities (mainly within Task 1.1), this deliverable defines the 5G-LOGINNOV collaborative approach to enhance market opportunities of the new actors that will be involved in the project timeline (chapter 4).