An article about the three projects 5G-LOGINNOV,FENIX & STORM has been published in the Baltic Journal. 

Congestion, especially on roads, is one of the biggest transport challenges. It costs Europe about 1% of its GDP every year and is the cause of significant carbon emissions. Logistics actors are implementing environmentally concerned collaborative strategies addressing supply chain integration, multimodal transportation, consolidation of deliveries, and reverse logistics to reduce their footprint. With the European Green Deal (EDG), the European Commission focuses on shifting 70% of road freight to rail and other more sustainable modes. ERTICO wants to contribute to making all transport means as efficient as possible, minimising their environmental impact.

You can find the complete edition as well as the individual articles here. The full article about 5G-LOGINNOV, written by ERTICO Senior Manager, Dr. Eusebiu Catana  can be found on pp. 80-81.