5G workshop: How to kick-off the new year

Dec 13, 2022 | News

5G-LOGINNOV Consortium decided to kick- off the new year with an in-person workshop called “5G goes 6G: New Opportunities of Mobile Communication for Better City and Better Life” promoted by the Hamburg Living Lab and organised in collaboration with Huawei.

The workshop is organized by ERTICO, 5G-Loginnov Consortium and Huawei and will count on a plethora of expert speakers in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Smart Cities, CCAM and innovative I.T.S. applications including Ports and Logistics.

During the event “Beyond 5G and 6G opportunities” highlighting technical aspects and attractive use cases including user requirements for existing and future projects will be addressed. Following this trend, emphasis will be placed on technical achievements and startup integration for the three 5G-LOGINNOV Living Labs (Athens, Hamburg, Koper) which will be complemented by presentations on 5G/6G enabled business opportunities for Smart Cities, CCAM and future Port Eco-Systems.

During the workshop, participants will actively participate in interactive sessions with the aim of solving challenges, cross-sharing experiences and knowledge and nurturing their networks.

Click here to download the agenda.