5G-LOGINNOV !TS Future Champion Contest award

Oct 14, 2021 | Events, News

During the !TS Future Champion Contest, Dr. Eusebiu Catana announced the winners of the “5GLOGINNOV OPEN CALL FOR INNOVATIVE START-UPS”. The candidates have been evaluated considering the innovativeness of their project and of their goals. There you are the names of the 5 winning start-ups and SMEs which excelled in the development of 5G-based solutions in the framework of activities carried out at the three Living Labs – LL – of the project:

  1. auTonomous dRones for marITime OperatioNs (TRITON) – Hellenic Drones for Koper LL
  2. Real timE drowSiness detectiON, AlerTing and rEporting (RESONATE) – Libra AI for Athens LL
  3. 5G-Loginnov-4-Amazon (5G4A) – eShuttle for Hamburg LL
  4. TAXi-AD Data (TAADD) – TAXi-AD GmbH for Hamburg LL
  5. Intelligent Traffic Guidance System (ITGS) – Roads.AI for Hamburg LL

These 5 applicants will move to contracting phase!