5G-LOGINNOV Transferability Survey

Feb 22, 2023 | News

During the preliminary phase of 5G-LOGINNOV exploitation plans development, the three Living Labs have identified the main key technological exploitable results that will be provided thanks to 5G-LOGINNOV. A transferability survey has been created to assess the potential uptake of such technologies in different contexts.

For each identified key technological exploitable result, the survey will collect feedback from external actors related to e.g., needs that the 5G-LOGINNOV results could satisfy, principal risks and blockers for the implementation and uptake, main critical success factors for scaling up the technologies in other contexts. Moreover, the survey will investigate the respondents on policies and regulations that are perceived as relevant for introducing highly innovative solutions in logistics, especially in the port domain.

The targets of this survey are actors working in transport and logistics (better if from the port domain) and connectivity service, and IT service providers.

Examples of companies that are required to participate in the survey are the following: Telco operators, Logistics companies, Innovator/start-ups, Car / Truck producers, Public Authority / City / Region, Port Authority Terminal Operators, Rail Operators, Transport Operators, Regional Authorities, Local Industries & Associations, Customs Authorities, etc.

If your company or organisation belong to one of the above-mentioned categories then take 5 minutes to fill in the survey.


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