5G-LOGINNOV project as an incubator for innovation

Jul 11, 2022 | News

5G-LOGINNOV announces the collaboration between the Consortium partners to organise Ideathons for each Living Lab in Athens, Hamburg and Koper.

After the successful Open Call for the selection of five innovative start-ups in 2021, this year the three Living Labs will partner with local technology incubators and research institutes to organise local Ideathons – or hackathons of ideas – dedicated to young researchers for the proposal of new 5G-based services. This event strategy is in line with the goal of the 5G-LOGINNOV project that entails the concrete implementation of project results to achieve industrial, scientific, economic, political and societal benefits.

The Ideathons are an opportunity for 5G experts to gather together and share lessons learnt and know-how, with the purpose of furthering the debate about the implementation of 5G-based services to boost the technological innovation in the freight, logistics and transportation sector.

Past Ideathon:

13 July 2022 – Hamburg Living Lab

Upcoming Ideathons:

10 October 2022 – Athens Living Lab

19 October 2022 – Koper Living Lab