5G-LOGINNOV presented at the ASM 21/22 Conference

Aug 1, 2022 | News

Janez Sterle from ININ, 5G-LOGINNOV partner, has given a presentation entitled “Uporaba tehnologije 5G za avtomatizacijo industrijskih procesov: študija primera pristanišča” (in English: 5G technology usage for the industrial process automation: a study of a sea-port case) at the ASM 21/22 conference, an event on handling and assembly automation.

The conference took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on11 May 2022 and around 100 participants from industry and academia attended it.

(Janez Sterle, ININ)

Click here to see the pictures of the event.

Click here to download the PowerPoint presented by Janez Sterle, ININ.