5G-LOGINNOV leads the discussion about 5G and 6G networks

Feb 27, 2023 | News

On 23 February, ERTICO, 5G-LOGINNOV Consortium and Huawei held a hybrid event to discuss the information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart Cities and innovative I.T.S. applications in Ports and Logistics. 

The workshop focused on Beyond 5G and 6G opportunities, technical achievements and startup integration for the three 5G-LOGINNOV Living Labs, and 5G/6G enabled business opportunities for Smart Cities and future Port Eco-Systems. event format included interactive sessions where participants could work together to solve problems, share knowledge and experiences, and develop networks.

The speakers were Harry Evers (New Mobility Solutions Hamburg GmbH), Dr.-Ing. Johannes Springer (T-Systems), Ralf Willenbrock (T-Systems), and Mr Markus Dillinger (Huawei). The session emphasised the significance of data markets, value-adding apps, standardised interoperability, and trust for the future of logistics. Innovative mobility services slated for Hamburg and future C-V2X views of 5GAA were presented, as well as the new potential for 5G-enabled next-generation plans toward 6G. Moreover, recommendations for 5G corridors, 6G-IA SNS Phase-2, and technical criteria for 6G were made.

All five Open Call winners were invited to contribute to the discussion and two of them, uze! Mobility represented by Falk Röbbelen and Roads.AI represented by Roni Dulberg, also attended the event in person.