5G-LOGINNOV featured on the Baltic Journal

Sep 5, 2023 | News

5G-LOGINNOV has been included in the latest issue of the Baltic Transport Journal. Dr Eusebiu Catana’s contribution “Transforming logistics and smart ports in Europe” is available on pages 74-75 of this PDF.

The article highlights how the 5G-LOGINNOV project is paving the way for innovation in the logistics value chain since it leverages the immense potential of 5G technology within the realm of ports. This remarkable achievement is made possible through an inventive framework designed to seamlessly integrate and validate connected and automated mobility (CAM) technologies associated with Industry 4.0. In its support for port applications, 5G-LOGINNOV also deploys various 5G technological components. These include a new generation of 5G terminals tailored for CAM, novel Internet of Things (IoT) devices compatible with 5G, advanced data analytics, next-generation traffic management systems, and the emergence of 5G networks. By combining these elements, city ports are equipped to efficiently handle existing and future capacity and traffic demands, enhance overall operational efficiency, and effectively address environmental challenges.