5G-LOGINNOV Coordinator of the new ISO working group

Dec 2, 2022 | News

The ISO new working group is up “to save the world” by standardising energy-based green ITS services!

Energy-based green ITS services are future Smart City data platform services that realise green growth consistent with power supply-demand using various ICT-based new technologies such as smartphones, integrated data platforms and connected vehicles, etc. In order to transform the existing traffic efficiency and safety paradigm into an energy-efficient system. Energy-based green ITS services aim to allocate/distribute urban energy to manage the energy of individual users as well as real-time operation management of complex transportation through connection with information systems such as generator information, system price information, and charging infrastructure.

ISO/TC 204 has decided to cover this important topic in a new sub-working group (SWG) as part of its working group (WG) 17 on Nomadic Devices in ITS Systems. This new SWG17.2 is developing a series of international standards which define energy-based green ITS services providing urban transport management and smart city mobility applications on nomadic & mobile devices by means of not only measuring energy consumption and CO2 emissions but also providing information to users on energy capacity in transportation sectors in the smart city.

ERTICO is proud to support the new SWG 17.2 with FENIX & 5G-LOGINNOV testbeds and at the same time to lead this new SWG with Peter Schmitting – Manager Interoperability and Standardisation – who has been nominated as its convenor.

The Kick-off Meeting for the new SWG17.2 was scheduled for 8-9 December 2022 and was hosted by ERTICO-ITS Europe.

All future investment has to prove sustainability indicators, therefore transparent methodologies and robust tools for carbon footprint monitoring are needed to agree on how to measure them. Dealing with environmental mobility indicators, SWG17.2 will also support the European Commission Green Deal initiative in order to achieve zero emission targets for 2050” says, Dr Eusebiu Catana, Senior Project Manager of Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO and Project Coordinator of the two projects involved.

Highlighting the role of the two ERTICO-led EU-funded projects – 5G-LOGINNOV and FENIX Network – Dr Catana adds, “Once again it was demonstrated that the power of the collaboration and teamwork within the ERTICO members can not only innovate but also open the market for simplifying CO2 measurement and Green Intelligent Transport Systems (GITS)”.

As the first output from SWG17.2, ISO/PWI TR 17748-1 “Energy-based green ITS services on nomadic & mobile devices for smart city mobility applications – Part 1: General information and use cases definition” has been officially added to the ISO work programme by ISO/TC 204. A call for contributions is currently ongoing to collect use cases on a global basis.