Sep 1, 2023 | News

5G-LOGINNOV project coordinator, Dr Eusebiu Catana, is attending the upcoming 9th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2023) planned in Aveiro, Portugal, from 12 to 27 October 2023.

The IEEE WFIoT2023 stands as the flagship event of the IEEE IoT Technical Community, which brings together expertise from various societies dedicated to the vast IoT landscape. In the current year, WFIoT 2023 adopts the theme of “The Blue Planet: A Fusion of Ocean and Outer Space.”

The forum offers an extensive and captivating program that encompasses the latest industry and business developments, showcases prominent figures from across the IoT ecosystem, presents noteworthy innovations and breakthroughs from the research and academic sphere, and allows practitioners and end-users to share their valuable insights into the triumphs and obstacles encountered in IoT deployments. In its ninth edition, the World Forum will prominently feature presentations and panel discussions centred on the immense potential of IoT within the domains of sea and space.

On 19 October, 16:15-17:30 (local time) 5G-LOGINNOV project will be presented by Dr Eusebiu Catana, in a session entirely dedicated to logistics and network applications. 5G-LOGINNOV also was featured in a technical paper submitted to the conference.

On Monday 23, from 14:00-16:00 (local time), the project coordinator will be also participating in Vertical Track 4 “Smart Cities and Mobility”, in particular, Session 1: Foundations for Smart Mobility IoT.  

Check out here the event website for more details.