Business Case and Technology Analysis for 5G Low Latency Applications

IEEE Access
Author: M.A. Lema (IEEE), A.Laya (KTH), T. Mahmoodi (IEEE), M.Cuevas (British Telecom), J. Sachs (Ericsson Research), J.Markendahl (KTH), M.Dohler (IEEE)
A large number of new consumer and industrial applications are likely to change the classic operator's business models and provide a wide range of new markets to enter. This paper analyzes the most relevant 5G use cases that require ultra-low latency, from both technical and business perspectives. Low latency services pose challenging requirements to the network, and to fulfill them, operators need to invest in costly changes in their network. In this sense, it is not clear whether such investments are going to be amortized with these new business models. In light of this, specific applications and requirements are described and the potential market benefits for operators are analyzed. Conclusions show that the operators have clear opportunities to add value and position themselves strongly with the increasing number of services to be provided by 5G.